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The next step for your little one

Is your child passionate about soccer? Looking to continue your HappyFeet journey? Give them the opportunity to take their skills to the next level with Vancouver Rangers FC Soccer Club! Our club provides professional coaching for children born between 2019-2014, ensuring they receive the best training possible.

Why Club Soccer?

Club soccer is a crucial milestone in your child's soccer journey. It offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Skill Development: Our experienced coaches focus on individual skill development, helping your child improve their technique, control, and overall game understanding.

  2. Teamwork and Sportsmanship: Being part of a club team cultivates values such as teamwork, collaboration, and respect for teammates, opponents, and officials.

  3. Competitive Environment: Club soccer exposes your child to a more competitive atmosphere, encouraging them to overcome challenges all whilst placing fun at the forefront of everything we do.

  4. Exceptional Learning Opportunities: Players will have the chance to participate in tournaments, exhibition matches and club events including our play at BC place event

  5. Be Part of a Community: Club soccer allows your player to feel part of something bigger. Participate in club fundraisers, events and celebrations and understand the importance of community.


Why Choose Vancouver Rangers FC?

At Vancouver Rangers FC, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional soccer experience for your child. Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Professional Coaching: Our dedicated coaches possess extensive experience and qualifications in youth soccer training. They are committed to nurturing your child's talent and fostering a love for the game.

  2. Gender-Specific Teams: We believe in creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for all players. Your child will be placed in a team that aligns with their gender, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience.

  3. Convenient Schedule: We offer two training sessions per week, on Mondays and Fridays. You can choose between the 5-6pm or 6-7pm time slots, allowing flexibility to fit your busy schedule.

  4. Premium Facilities: Our sessions take place on synthetic turf at UBC MacInnes Field, equipped with top-notch facilities to provide the best training environment for your child.

Registration for our 2024/25 season, running from September to March, is now open. You can register for the Fall block below. Don't miss this opportunity for your child to further their love of the game.


Still have some questions? Join us at our open day on June 24th where your players can come and participate in a Rangers session whilst the parents can hear from our technical staff on what makes Rangers special.


"Vancouver Rangers has been an invaluable place for my son to grow and build on his overall confidence and soccer skills over the past two years. He’s more in love with the game than ever and we’ve seen great improvements in his technical skills."

- Emma, Parent

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