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Who are Vancouver Rangers FC?

Vancouver Rangers Football Club is a not-for-profit youth soccer academy based in Vancouver, BC. 

As the bigger brother to HappyFeet Vancouver, our program provides the next evolutionary step for players who are ready to commit to advanced soccer training while growing their relationships with their peers. Our coaching team comprises of many HappyFeet coaches that families have become familiar with.

Vancouver Rangers provides exceptional soccer coaching to new and experienced soccer players in a professional environment where fun and skill acquisition go hand in hand. We focus on individual skill development, helping each player improve their technique, control and overall game understanding.


We welcome all players to soccer who want a fun, engaging and safe environment in which to develop themselves as soccer players and as young people. We encourage all our Rangers to be brave, creative leaders on and off the field.

At VRFC, we pride ourselves on our highly experienced coaching team. We want our players to experience consistent high-level coaching so all our players are trained by our professional team, as opposed to parent volunteers. We want the best learning experience for our players, so we provide excellent training environments.

Our Vision


To create a team of incredible people who share a passion for soccer. Together they will celebrate individual and team successes, remain graceful in defeat, and always endeavor to learn. 

Our Mission


To deepen the foundations of our club. We strive to retain the players who have been with HappyFeet for years and to continue providing them with the same quality programming and mentoring they have come to love. We want to welcome new players, who are looking to achieve their soccer potential, and together build a team that celebrates it's diversity through love of soccer. 

Our Values



We are bold, both on and off the field.

We welcome all challenges with respect, readiness and excitement.

We win or we learn, with humility and class. 



We are problem solvers, always looking to find a way around obstacles. 

We are refined and elegant in our execution.  

We enjoy everything we do.  




We practice integrity on and off the field.

We believe soccer can bring out the leader in everybody.

We set examples to others and empower them to lead.


"Vancouver Rangers has been an invaluable place for my son to grow and build on his overall confidence and soccer skills over the past two years. He’s more in love with the game than ever and we’ve seen great improvements in his technical skills."

- Emma, Parent

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