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What Makes Us Different?

At VRFC, we believe in a holistic approach to coaching. We want to grow each player's technical skills and individual character in order to develop fantastic people as well as great soccer players. Here are the key aspects of our approach that set us apart from the other clubs:

We teach the key fundamentals: Backed by research from top European clubs, we teach fundamental ball-mastery skills to every player. This means that every player has a ball at their feet for the majority of our sessions. This allows them to maximize their time mastering their dribbling, technique and ball control. These skills form the foundation of a player's development.


We create a fun and positive environment: Young players will develop and thrive when they are having fun. Our professional coaches ensure that each training session is enjoyable for every player. Our coaches offer constructive feedback to players individually and as a team, recognizing their efforts and improvements. We encourage positive interactions, teamwork, and sportsmanship to nurture growth mindsets, helping players learn from their mistakes and facilitating their long-term development.


We teach in an age-appropriate way: Our professional coaches structure the training sessions based on the age and skill level of the players. We understand that younger children respond best to high energy, elemental and shorter drills that appeal to their creativity and imagination. Older players can be challenged with more complex drills, competitive elements and longer practice times.


We understand the game: Our coaches teach players game concepts such as positioning, movement off the ball and team formations. We expound the importance of teamwork and decision-making on the field. We incorporate game-like situations and exercises in training sessions and simulate match scenarios to encourage players to make decisions under pressure.

If you want to know more about our approach and our programming then please contact us.



"Vancouver Rangers has been an invaluable place for my son to grow and build on his overall confidence and soccer skills over the past two years. He’s more in love with the game than ever and we’ve seen great improvements in his technical skills."

- Emma, Parent

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