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Parent Code of Conduct

In conjunction with the club, our guidelines and expectations for parent conduct at any and all interclub games and matchplay:


  • Parents will not force their child to participate in soccer.

  • Parents will do their best to help their child fulfill their team commitments, such as arriving on time, wearing team kit and being prepared for matchplay.

  • Parents will encourage their child to play by the rules, in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, and to respect the decisions of game officials.

  • Parents will never question the official’s judgment or honesty in public or in front of their child, recognizing that officials are being developed in the same manner as players. 

  • Parents will not coach, give instruction to, or ridicule any player from the sideline, no matter what the situation.

  • Parents should give praise to players, including the opposition, for good performances, hard work and fair play so that players see other beneficial outcomes to sport besides winning.

  • Parents will support all efforts to remove all forms of abuse and neglect from our game. Parents will respect and show appreciation for the volunteers and paid personnel who work on behalf of the sport.

  • Parents will adhere to a 24-48 hour ‘cooling off’ period before discussing any grievance or concern with the VRFC team. 

  • Parents will first approach team management if they have an issue or concern.

  • Failing resolution from this point, the chain of inquiry shall be Coach, Technical Director, and then club owner.

  • Parents are to refrain from uploading content to, or participating in, social media activities in the following situations; including but not limited to:
    a) Posting explicit pictures and/or inflammatory language that can be linked to the program, staff, volunteers, athletes and/or competitions.
    b) Before, during, or after a match, training session or team meeting when personal or medical information is discussed.
    c) Criticism of any provincial or national soccer association, coaches, athletes, officials, other team staff, volunteers and/or parents.


By signing the booking form, I agree to each statement above and will adhere to the guidelines set in this code of conduct.

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