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Our player clinic series is a daily one week skill development program designed to challenge your soccer star in a small group setting. We want to provide an opportunity for players to hone their skills and build the confidence to use these skills to beat opponents. The small group sizes will allow players to take advantage of enhanced contact time with the coach and perfect those moves in a game setting. Each clinic will be paired with a sports psychology theme to give your players a better understanding of the mental framework required to excel in the game. Groups will do break out sessions exploring these themes and learning how to implement them into their games. There will be 8 spaces available for this class. 

​Our daily two hour sessions will be spent working on the correct technique used by the greats in each category. The goal for the players is to learn to master the ball and create confidence in their own individual ability on the ball when facing a defender. Each clinic will run from 1-3pm daily and can be used as a great add on to a half day camp.


Sign your player up for both the clinic and half day camp and we'll take care of them over the lunch break free of charge.

These sessions are designed and led by our Technical Director, Gary Crooks.  Gary is a UEFA A License coach with 13 years coaching experience in European academies. These sessions are a great opportunity for players to access high quality coaching which is tailored to their own ability levels. 

Summer Dates


July 31st - Aug 4th 


Aug 21st - 25th 



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