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Our Saturday Games program is an excellent opportunity to add supplementary training to your player's schedule. This program is meticulously designed to foster a competitive and enjoyable environment, encouraging players to showcase their problem-solving skills and creativity within a game scenario. The sessions will feature a mix of small-sided and conditioned game scenarios, delivered at a high intensity to challenge players and stimulate innovative thinking.


Our aim is to empower players to express themselves on the field, encouraging them to take risks with the ball. This format enables players to engage in game-related scenarios, providing increased repetition, touches, and goal-scoring opportunities, while reinforcing the skills acquired during their regular VRFC academy sessions.


Furthermore, the program will incorporate and supplement the program with additional friendly games against local clubs, offering players the chance to face new opponents in a fun setting.


To make these sessions accessible to as many participants as possible, the club is subsidizing the costs. We hope the pricing structure allows for widespread participation, and even if you can't attend every session, we believe the value offered makes it worthwhile to sign up and attend as many sessions as possible.

Winter Dates


January 6th - March 2nd @ Trafalgar Park

No session Feb 17th

U6-U8 - 10:00-11:00am

U9-U11 - 11:15am-12:15pm


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